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What is Good for the Goose is Good for the Gander; the T.B Joshua and Lekki Gardens Story

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The T.B Joshua and Lekki Gardens Story

Bia eh, there are some things you hear and ike will just gwu gi! This country has a way of s-l-o-w-l-y draining somebody. There is an obvious divide here. In fact, there is a caucus of cabals and a glaring disparity between the rich and the poor.

As usual, I was minding my business when I saw something. The Executive director of Lekki Homes and Gardens was charged with man slaughter!

Chim o!


Biko, T.B Joshua that “killed” people the other time, has he been arrested? I’m asking for a friend o! Before religious vultures will come and eat my carcass. It’s just a simple question. If you recall, T.B Joshua’s three-storey building collapsed and killed over a hundred people. Some over religious zealots were like: “Ah…it’s the devil’s handwork. The man of God is not a blood sucker. Haba, touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm. Don’t speak ill of the man of God. How dare you want to arrest the man of God?”

I shim nini?

Image result for tb joshua

A few months after that unfortunate incident, one of the homes in Lekki Gardens collapsed killing laborers who were sleeping illegally in the premises.

Before you will say fiam! Nna, this man was arrested o. Osigbo osigbo! Sharp sharp! No one wanted to hear that a Pastor had committed a similar offence a few months ago or that the laborers were not supposed to sleep in an uncompleted building. They picked him up and put him behind bars.

In fact, that act by the State Commissioner of Police says one thing: My money and your money no be mate. My connect and your connect no be mate.

Was it not Phyno that sang this song:

“I cho my money, weta collate, weta collate, the boy na chi n’onweta alerti, nweta alerti, you not even messing with my connect, with my connect; Ezego, I’ll never forget, never forget…”

See eh, let me tell you something…

what is good for the goose is good for the gander!

I’m not trying to defend the Lekki Homes guy. Once you are responsible for something and someone dies on your watch, you should be investigated. It doesn’t matter if the death toll is five or one hundred.  Nobody should be above the law.  The right thing to do is to stop looking at these self-acclaimed prophets with rose colored glasses and understand that whether you are a clergy or not, you should work in accordance with the laws of your city. If you commit a crime, don’t use ‘Daddy G.O’ to cover up your mess. Drop your daddy and mummy one side and face the law.

Oga Daddy Apostle G.O Shepherd, please face the law!

I used to have high hopes for this country until I discovered that I may have been living in a fool’s paradise. In some countries like China and Singapore, even elected officials, the so-called big men are made to face the full brunt of their crimes. The heir to the Samsung Empire was recently handcuffed like a common thief because of a scandal that recently rocked the company.

I said heir o! That means the Oga kpata kpata’s son. The Crown Prince. The ‘Onochie Nna’. The Second in command. Shey you see? I don’t even know the name of my local government chairman but I can bet the little possession I have in this world that not even a Councilor in Nigeria will be held accountable for a crime if he greases the right palms…


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What is Good for the Goose is Good for the Gander

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