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Karma Is A Woman

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Tonto Dike…

Being judgmental is an inherent human trait. It doesn’t matter how humble or ‘churchy’ you are. At some point, because the actions of others are not in line with what you believe in, there is a tendency to pass judgment. Now, there are two kinds of people: those who openly voice these thoughts and use to inconvenience others and those who out of courtesy restraint themselves from making condemnations about a situation they have not been in.
However, times have changed. Call it exposure, call it enlightenment or call it breaking from the norm. The human mind in recent times has become liberal and accommodating of her neighbors imperfections. The main reason being one we have realized- we all sin but do it differently.

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A few years ago, popular Nollywood actress Mercy Johnson-Okojie came under fire by her fellow actress- Tonto Dike-Churchill. In a series of summarized tweets, Tonto Dike mocked Mercy Johnson for marrying a divorcee and marrying someone not rich enough to keep her fat and well-fed for the rest of her life. This statement was made shortly after Mercy Johnson went backing to acting, four months after putting to bed. Mercy’s child, Purity was branded a witch in a typical Nigerian fashion- the child wey allow him mama go hustle for daily bread. There might have been a few jabs at Mercy’s husband who was labelled a weak man and gold digger for making his wife return to work so soon after childbirth. Is that one man? Tonto alleged.

Mercy, behaving like the total anti-thesis of her character in movies decided to let the shade slide.
Tonto 1-0 Mercy.
You know that thing they say about Karma being a female dog and biting you in the ass when you least expect it? Aha!
Within a year of her “proclamation”, Tonto ‘snatched’ (*rolls eyes*) an alleged married man who is her current husband, joining the league of those who married married men/divorcees.

Tonto 1- 1 Mercy.

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In quick succession, Tonto Dike “gave” her life to Christ and experienced motherhood.
Fast-forward to a few days ago when Tonto sparked rumors when she removed the “Mrs. Churchill” on her social media pages. This fueled the controversy that her husband was allegedly having extra marital affairs with his P.A. Lo and behold, “an angel” in the name of Angel pay-back-time descended on Tonto and she decided to beg for forgiveness. Trouble in paradise?
Long story short, the ever tearful Mercy Johnson-O forgave her after drowning our timelines with a bucket full of tears. She said “tontolet…I knew that when you become a mother, you will change”. Whether this change was brought on by divine prompt or because of the trouble in paradise, we may never know. (Or maybe we will)
A Chinese proverb goes thus: Do not judge a man until you walk a mile in his moccasins. This is not about the fact that Karma is punishing Tonto with a man who may be cheating. That is not Karma. That is the man’s cup of tea. Karma has played a role by allowing Tonto taste her own medicine…

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