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26 Reasons Why Christians Don’t Go To Church

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26 Reasons Why Christians Don’t Go To Church

Tomorrow is Sunday and for the Christians, it is going to be a day of worship. People have come up with excuses on why they avoid church. I came up with 26 of them. Let me know if I missed any point in the comments section.

Syn: Why didn’t you go to church?

A: My God is not a God of buildings.
B: I am a Christian but I don’t believe in Church
C: The Lord knows my heart
D: I no get cloth.
E: No light to iron
F: I woke up late
G: They won’t share rice today
H: God and I have an understanding
I: I played Frank Edwards this morning
J: I was too tired
K: The church I usually attend is not in this area
L: That pastor talks too much
M: Going to heaven is not by church
N: I’ll go next Sunday
O: Something happened. You will not understand
P: I serve God in spirit and in truth not in a church

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Q: Next time
R: Big girls don’t go to church
S: I have a personal relationship with Christ. We talk to ourselves.
T: No reason
U: Abeg…You be my mama?
V: I have a right to decide if I want to go or not.
W: I am an adult. It’s my choice
X: No money for transport
Y: That church is too dry
Z: There is no church in heaven.



Did I miss any? If you go to church, say aye!

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