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Gidi Tattles with Bolaji Yusuf #6

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Hello Synners! Ready for Fresh Amebo?

On today’s episode of Gidi Tattles, the trending topic for this week centered on tribal wars.

Who even started it? I don’t know but in the words of Omalicha Cee Ezehillz “There is nothing like a ‘detribalised’ Nigerian. We all are tolerating and respecting each other’s boundaries till the chips are down and all man do eyes right”. ????.

Ees eet true?

“People are waiting for the slightest opportunity to pounce on each other and talk bad about each others tribe and you tell me we are liberal and not tribalistic? Miss me with the BS biko”. But madam Celine quickly removed her Facebook post before drama will ensue on her wall. You can drop a comment if you need the full screenshot of the post. Trust me, I got you covered.

Apparently, the tribe that  “hosts better parties”  brought all the fun to the matter. Everyone had zero chill on anyone distorting their tribe. The set of people belonging to the “my tribe is better or greater than your own” had a field day. As for yours truly, my work is to observe and bring the fresh gist to you. In the centre of a shitstorm, Agbaosi Sevezun Gloria had a good laugh at all the tribal warlords. She made another post that pleased the aggrieved people. She said “A particular tribe can pamper women to high heavens and one tribe laidat whey na only words the woman go chop. As una see, I no mention any tribe over here”.


Unto the Next One…

Omotoyosi of the Cake Sub fame was called a lesbian because she said she appreciates compliments from females. Engr. Bernard said she is a  lesbian. In his words, “na appreciation of nipples e dey start from  and before you know it, you are laid already”.

Someone should take that Engineer back to school. Not the night school he went to. A day school. He forgot some things he needs to pick up. Onasanya Tolex might as well join him at a learning institution. Because to him…”It is just simple. She is into ladies”. Like life is actually simple. *rolls eyes*


Patience Ekonyohe Daniel Odoh made a “Dear Married Men post” and the men seem to have so many colorful opinions. And, some woman whose sarcasm meter was broken came to the post as well to display bra or is it torn pant theatrics. Patience was hounded till she lost her patience. She had to make a post saying “Ayam not responsible for your “Half-Baked” reasoning.”. That wasn’t enough…several hours later she called on WAEC to come see the people that passed their WAEC through the backdoor.

Gist 4…

On signing petitions and all….Nigerians have a pretty good streak at misplaced priorities.

Brian-Gabriel Chiedozie Ndubuisi asked a question:

“People are signing petitions to stop other people from watching BBN.

For the record I’ve neither watched nor do I imagine myself tuning in to that show.

But what makes us feel entitled to dictate what shows on another man’s TV?”


Henry Jr. Henry even wondered when Nigerians started signing online petitions or any form of petitions to begin with.

I have a question for  the petition people: When are we going to sign a petition to bring back “The sit-at-London Nigerian president?” Nigeria and yeyerity,


In other News…

Aishatu in her “His truth and Her Truth” post says “Stop marrying people and forcing them to change. People should stick to their kind. This news is important to men who want to marry a female virgin but suddenly want the wife to have BDSM and anal sex skills.

Me: How is it doing this couple? Dem no look themselves wella before ni? ???


Last One…

Viola Okolie delivered a sub to “some” married men: “Truth be told, some (most) of you Nigerian husbands are being managed. You don’t meet up. Your wives want to answer “Mrs”. Dassall”. Some Married men were twisting and turning on that post but I was just drinking my zobo jejeli.


Last Last One…

Remember the randy boss that was making advances on Caleb’s friend? Well, Caleb exposed him on Facebook. An investigation committee was set up and today, Facebook rejoiced as the randy boss got his a*s suspended for sexual assault.

Caleb, good job. ?


That’s all for today. Don’t forget to share this post! How else are you going to let other people know the gist we dish here?

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