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Suddenly, Everyone Loves Linda Ikeji…Why?

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Suddenly, everybody ‘loves’ Linda Ikeji

Linda Ikeji is one of the hated people(she’s not the first now because we have reserved that spot for our politicians)in Nigeria. Some of the names she has been called include classless, unfeeling and wicked. Even those who cannot rub two coins together join in the debate whenever her name pops up.

People take things too personal. Really! This is someone who makes money via blogging–her source of income! What do you want her to do? Ask you before posting an exclusive? Please, you joke too much!

Emotions are such fickle things.

Human beings? No comment.(I want to say a lot but that would be generalizing. But when something is pegged at 80%, can we safely make our conclusions?)

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Some people are just watchers. They watch you doing everything. They are never in your life but never out of it. They like to “keep space” not because they want to sit during the homily but because they want to justify that he who has reserved a front seat in church should surely make heaven.

They retain just the barest of contacts so that they can spring up like Jack-in-the-box and say, “I was here. I knew you before you became successful. Where’s my high table in your life?”

Then, anytime you fail at something, they disappear and when you rise; knees bruised, palms scratched and legs shaky, they run back and say “Remember me in your paradise. Na we we”.

This life is a pot of beans, men.

While feelings should be put whenever one wants to break a sensitive news and plagiarism avoided, there are some things you call spoils of the war. Sometimes, it is inevitable for a blogger to be unfeeling or hurtful especially for those doing gossip.

Moral of the story: Ignore lonely nights, deathly silence and strive. Keep failing until you succeed. Success is ALWAYS attractive.

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