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Dheelicious Musings #5

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I have what you might call an unconventional idea of dating,

in the sense that I believe the state of being a boyfriend and girlfriend is very similar to being an entrepreneur. You are basically investing time, thought, and trust in an entity without guarantees: for entrepreneurs this entity comes in the form of an idea, while for lovers it comes in the form of another human.
The objective is to establish something lasting (could either be business or marriage), but there’s a huge chance the whole thing could crash before you realize you even had it: you can compare bankruptcy to breakup in this context. Essentially, the requirements for an entrepreneur to turn an idea into a successful enterprise, if you look closely, aren’t so different from how you could also turn friendship into marriage.
First, you need to research the viability of your idea or business model — which is no different to seeking insight on if you and your partner are compatible. Secondly, you and your idea need flexibility, which is almost the same as being open-minded enough to be tolerant of your lover’s flaws and faults.
You need commitment and dedication: this implies no cheating and no ‘side crush’. Absolute belief in you and your idea — trust and perseverance probably fit in here as appropriate analogies. A truck load of sacrifice also goes a long way, because what’s love without compromise? And finally, you need faith — this isn’t really about believing in God, but more about having confidence the whole thing would work out fine.
Yes, the parallels aren’t so hard to juxtapose.
However, because success is never only about good intentions, you could very well give your all to a business and still have it fail; just as you could give your all to a partner that would still breakup with you for reasons beyond your control. But because love makes such a good entrepreneur of you, one bad idea that failed isn’t enough reason for you not to try making a success of another one.
So you fall in love again. You take into account everything you learnt from your previous relationship, and you try making a success of your next one. Which is actually very similar to what entrepreneurs do when a start-up idea hits the rocks: they always find the resolve and a reason to attempt making a success of another business idea regardless of their previous experience.
Most entrepreneurs don’t succeed with their first business idea, and rarely do people end up marrying their first love. Ultimately though, you come to realize that turning a business idea into a lasting institution, and turning friendship into marriage, takes a lot of hard work and effort because the potential for failure far outweighs the potential for success in both.
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