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Forgive Those Who Hurt You But Do Not Forget Their Names

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A friend told me this: A trusted friend of hers had run away with her hard earned business proceeds. Now he is back…not with the money but to be friends with her again on Facebook. She got his request. She is no longer interested in getting the money back but the oni gbese wants her to let him into her life if she has truly forgiven him. I asked her if she has truly forgiven him and she said yes. This was after the cleansing program both of us underwent. She wants to know if it is OK to let him into her social media space.

This is what I told her:
“Forgiving from afar is permissible. You are strong to have forgiven a debtor. Everyday I go naked at midnight, rub ori and make incantations for mine. If someone’s presence in your life will bring up bitter memories even after you have forgiven the person, why torture yourself? You need to get to a point where you give no room to things that rob you of peace. Declutter your space if you won’t have peace of mind.

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Nothing should be so powerful as to steal your peace. Death, depression, a debit alert we know, but a human? Say No! Leave that baggage, forgive and move on.

Surround yourself with positive friends. Yes, you need friends. I have great ones. Being my friends sef na gbese because I will just offload all my problems on you. You either run or chop liver. Tell him this…If you approach someone and he or she doesn’t want to be friends, don’t sweat it. It means you are not wanted in his/her personal space. No biggie. After all, we didn’t become Facebook friends till this year and we have been friends for years. Did you call police for me?

I know I say it all the time but try not to fret! Things have a way of working out. Do. Just do. Shey you know say stretch mark no dey show for burial bikini? The things you worry about today will be inconsequential tomorrow.

Your world, your rules.

Last last, shebi you know say BP drugs don cost? I no go donate one naira for you!

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