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Do Not Worry About The Things You Cannot Change

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I adopted a new watch word sometime last year:

Do not fret about the things you cannot change. You see, I used to be a worrier. I worried about everything. I thought that the more I worried and the louder I prayed, things would just fall into place. It didn’t. Things took a downward course in every facet of my life.

One day, I said to myself: You. Will. Not. Worry. Anymore! You will do your best and leave the rest.

I have not ‘prayed’ in a while. I have not shouted, brought down the roof or rolled on the floor seven times saying “skiborobo skibo oshey baddest!”. There is nothing wrong with speaking in tongues but I am not doing it now. Instead, I am talking to God silently and freely like a homie. There is no way I would wake up and forget to say ‘Hi’ to my maker. It’s like passing my dad in the morning without greeting…I just can’t do it no matter my age and status in life. Now, the mode of greeting may be different but there should be a greeting nonetheless. So yes, I l have not ‘prayed’ but I have told Him “Bros, hafa na? Shebi you be my heavenly Papa? Hafa that job na? I go fit see small hustle from your side? Or How far this dude, na? Make I reply him inbox message abi make I friend zone am?”

Sometimes, He is silent. It’s like he expects me to have sense and to do my best and then, leave the rest for him. At other times, I just dump all the problems on him. “You said I should ask in Matt 7:7 bah? I have asked and your word must be fulfilled so please do this thing for me”.

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There is no way I can be an atheist, no offense but my decision is mostly borne out of laziness. I like the fact that there is a supernatural being I can drop all my problems on and he carries it on his shoulder like Buhari’s bag of expensive rice. It’s like being in a relationship where your partner is your emotional dumping ground. You feel free when you unburden and vice versa.

Sometime ago, I got choked. My strength was failing… I was coiled up tighter than the legs of a nun at an Amish convent. Back…neck…eyes…legs hurt. I took a relaxing trip and I came back stronger.

I am excited because I have a reliable friend and Lord.

Now…this story could have gone either way. God is not a God of threats and blackmails but what I have come to realize is that I do not worry about things I cannot change.


Dear friend, don’t be a worrier.

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