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Ojuju’s Raunch Republic #1

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“Miss Unachukwu, are you alright?”


At any other time, I would have corrected my Lebanese boss’s wrong pronunciation of my surname, but not this time. I just sat up straight and nodded. Everybody on the table turned to look at me. Everybody but Sonny. He didn’t even bother, the bastard.


“I’m fine sir, very fine.”


“Right”, he said, and continued with the meeting.


I tried to stop fidgeting but it was almost impossible. Time dragged and every second he continued talking felt like a million years. Innumerable glances at the minute hand of my watch while wishing it to spin faster so I could get out of that room didn’t work. At some point I got up to get a cup of cold water from the dispenser hoping it would calm me down a bit still the flames burned.


Mr Mahmoud kept talking, breaking down the company’s financial projections and expectations for the year but nothing stuck. I wanted out.


Finally, a whopping forty five minutes after it started, the meeting came to a close with a round of applause from the floor. I jumped out of my seat and flew towards the board room exit.


“Miss Unachukwu, will you please come with me to my office?”


It was the MD. I wanted to die.

Most of the space in his office was taken up by a massive mahogany table. Huge doesn’t do that table justice, it was massive. He loved that table and took care of it like a child, polishing it himself every morning with a special oil.  According to word on the grapevine, he had imported the table from his native country for a tidy sum. I couldn’t imagine what the fuss was about though; to me it looked like a normal dining table that missed its calling.


“Sit down Dorothy.”

“Thank you sir.”


I pulled a chair and sat opposite him, resting my elbows on the table’s glistening top. It was normal of him to be formal when we were in public but he used my first name when we were alone. When I first joined the firm he had tried to ask me out but I’d refused. He had a wife, plus I really didn’t fancy Lebanese men. I think it’s because I heard somewhere that they never got circumcised. Who wants all that extra skin? That faux pas had not in any way distorted our working relationship, and although he kept it well hidden, I knew he still had a soft spot for me.


“Is there any problem?” he asked, sounding concerned.

“Problem? No! No sir, there’s no problem. Everything is fine. By the way, nice presentation sir. I’m sure this year will better the last one.”

“Thank you”, he answered. “But you’ve not been yourself lately. I know this because I’ve been observing you. Is there anything going on? You can confide in me you know, you can talk to me.”


I smiled to cover my unease.


“I’m fine oga. Everything is fine.”


He looked at me for a long time and then shrugged.


“Okay then. If you say so, you may go. But don’t forget my door is open if you need anything ya?”

“Thank you sir, I won’t.”


In a flash I was in the toilet. With shaking hands I pulled down my skirt and panties, spread my legs and slid two fingers deep inside my pussy.


I almost screamed with pleasure.


Later that evening I was on the phone, narrating the events of the day to Hilda my best friend.


“Babe. You won’t believe me, my body was on fire. It was like ants were biting me everywhere inside my pant. Such was my fidgeting that even my oga was asking if there was a problem. And it’s been like that for a couple of days.

“Ehen? Na so e reach? No be small thing again o. But that your vibrator still dey na. You nor wan use am?”

“See Hilda, I’m tired of battery power jare. Since Kene left I haven’t been with anybody. The vibrator works fine but I want more. I want to feel a real warm human prick inside me. I want someone’s arms to squeeze me and whisper dirty things into my ears as we fuck. I want a man to spank my ass while giving it to me good. A vibrator can’t do all that now.”


My friend laughed like a mad woman.


“Chai Dorothy. You won’t kill me. See as you dey talk like say na food.”


She laughed some more before she resumed talking.


“But it can’t be that hard finding a man to fuck now. You’re a fine girl and you have correct assets. I’m sure there are hundreds of guys who will gladly pull your pant anytime you want.”

“Hmmm, my sister, I just tire o. You don’t know how much I’ve been trying. It’s like something is covering their eyes. I dey shake yansh everywhere but nobody wan notice. The matter tire me no be small.

“No just worry. I’m sure you’ll get some soon. Just do something different, wake up .”


We chit chatted about other things before I ended the call.


As I went to bed that night, a long fat prick was top of my prayer points to God. I just wanted to get fucked real good.



Let me tell you about why I hate my colleague Sonny. I’m sure fate made a mistake in putting him in a corporate environment because his behavior was Iddo motor-park or Yaba market standard. Egotistical, loud and very domineering, he was all I didn’t like in a man. I pride myself on my ability to relate with almost everybody seamlessly, but Sonny seemed to always find a means to rub me the wrong way.


He was waiting for me by my office door when I walked in ten minutes behind schedule on Monday morning.


“He didn’t release you early?” he sneered.


I ignored him while I opened the door and he repeated himself. I had to respond.


“Excuse me? What nonsense did you just say?”

“I asked if he didn’t release you early, since you don’t normally come late.”


I wanted to smack the silly smile off his face but I held myself and walked to my seat. He followed.


Dumping my bag on the table, I crashed into my chair and was on the verge of asking him what exactly he wanted when I glanced up and my eyes went level with his waist line. His trouser was tighter than normal, sown in the new style that was the craze in town and I had to look twice to be sure the bulge there wasn’t a trick of the light. He however was reading from a file he had in his hands, so he didn’t see me.


“MD wants us to work on this thing together”, he said.

The sight of that bulge triggered a chain reaction in my head and only one thing was going to quench the fire it lit. I had to have that prick. It was as if I was demon possessed me as I jumped out of my seat with such venom that he cowered, thinking I was coming to attack him. Foolish man. I sailed past his astonished face and pushed my door closed, then turned the key in the lock.


He was still looking confused when I returned to him and grabbed his phallus. The weight filled my hand through the chinos material.


My heart sang.


“Forget what the MD wants us to work on”, I breathed. “Can you use this?”


He didn’t say anything, and the look in his eyes was as if I’d gone mad. I stroked his length and got the desired response.


“Come” I said, dragging him towards the attached kitchenette.


There was no time for preliminaries; I was too much in need. He was still shell shocked as I grabbed his belt and unbuckled it, then dragged his trouser and boxer down. For all his obnoxiousness, Sonny was packing a weapon.


I sent a prayer of thanks to heaven.


Pressing my advantage before he could gather his wits, I grabbed his dick in my two hands and felt its warmth and girth. It was beautiful to behold, and with a couple of quick jerks it became a baton and was ready to go.

Image result for black sex


I pushed the owner against the sink, turned and yanked down my skirt and panties and presented my ass on a plate.


For the first time since I knew him, Sonny used his head correctly. He drew me close to him, spat on his hand and rubbed the spit on the length of his dick, parted my ass cheeks and slid deep inside my dripping wetness.


Halleluyah was the word.

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