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Gidi Tattles with Bolaji Yusuf #4

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Much ado about Nudity…

On Facebook today, there was a talk about going nude or not. So many people came out to say nudity is nothing. Talk is cheap. Nkechi Bianze dared them to post a nude picture of themselves and get 50k. All we have seen so far is jcbskjdckjhcfdfbhcjdczl. ??????

The nudity saga continued with mouthing from the camp of nudists yet no pic. Not even one! They all gave excuses that the money was too little. Nkechi replied that  “If N50k is too small, it means you’ve got a price tag and that means it’s a big deal”. As at the time of this post, no one was bold enough to drop a nude pic. It was later announced that Akorita Isiah sent a nude pic to Nkechi’s inbox and he won the 50k.

Nude pic , we no see! *sigh*

As for me, I’ve got my own price. Give me £2 million and watch me twerk fully naked.

Apparently….Nudity is a big deal after all.

In a twist of events, Madam Book of Life(if you don’t understand this quote, read the first post I made here. The full gist is there)topped the offering with 500K. I don’t know if she will be gifting Mr. Akorita though…considering that Akorita is in her Book of Life.


Blessing Ochiedo, the open nudist campaigner had this to say…


“You don’t have to be a man to be a feminist…

You don’t have to be gay to defend gay rights….

You don’t have to be a tree to fight for the environment….

You don’t have to be an animal to stand for animal rights….

You don’t have to be black to believe that #BlackLivesMatter…..

You don’t have to be a nudist to defend the right of nudists…

And yes, nudity is just what is it is… nudity….

People who attach so much importance to it, especially of the sexual kind, are the ones with the problem….

The dignity or essence of a human does not lie in their naked forms or in how many people they have or haven’t slept with…

Thank you.”

What will this write-up be without a lesson? Please do not do things that you don’t want others to find out to please one person. If you don’t want it in the open, don’t do it. If you do it, don’t share.
On that note,we don waka comot for this nude matter….don’t ask me my opinions about Nudes. I don’t have one. 😀

Sweet Facebook Gist 2…

Pope Itodo and Gidi resident, Isaac Newton seem to be subbing and counter subbing themselves. It all started with a pre-sub where Pope said that Oga Gidi was a “blesser” but lately has been complaining about the rising cost of garri and sugar. Oga Gidi debunked the lie and insisted that Pope is fixated on Edo gehs.

The fight never sweet. I am still watching.


Gist 3…

Onyi Ndupu just changed her name to Rogue Nun. I don’t know if this has to do with the fact that she can post a update and delete it the very next second. I never understood that about her. Make I just dey wait and look. Maybe she is now born against and  wants to solidify her ikebe posts. Nun that cannot commit syn, is that one nun?



Gist 4…

One girl called Olivia collected 1.2 million from her fiancee and after Introduction, she say she no do again. The man threatened to leak her nudes and went ahead to obtain her password to write “I am a prostitute” on her wall. She claimed that the man is fetish and that she wants to escape before she loses her life. No word was said about the returning the money though.

However, this morning, she said thank you to all the wailing wailers fighting on her behalf and insisted that she was going ahead with the wedding. Her and her husband(the fake  E-money) are now back together. The price for the asoebi will soon be out.

World people, take this advice from me. Stop chooking mouth in couples fight unless you are there for just entertainment or gossip like me. ?


Madam Cynthia , a Facebook sexpert has been asking questions on her wall. One of them was

“Where are two places you would like to make love outside of our bedroom?”
As usual, holier than thou people crawled into the inboxes of the commenters, one of whom is Mercedes. Well, she exercised the use of the block button. Before the block button though, her response was “TAKE YOUR ADVICE AND SHOVE IT UP YOUR BLACK ASS!!!!!” ???. Me dey wonder how she take imagine the ass of the person in question!

I am coming. Let me go and get more gist.

Ehen, who else noticed a column on this blog called Private Syns? I don’t want to catch you there! I’ll be watching!

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