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Adventures of a Danfo Celebrity #3

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Is man really free?

It’s another day of work. I woke up by 6.15am today and my head is pounding like a man who wants to release by force…or should I say the way ex-President Jonathan’s head was pounding during the occupy Nigeria protest?

I want to form “I am not going, jooh! Shebi the Lord called me to be an entrepreneur?” Then I remember that rebellion, aching limbs and headaches will not pay bills. Going to work, will.

Is man really free? I don’t think so. At some point in our lives, we are controlled by natural and supernatural forces; money, wealth, poverty,employers,hunger, ambition,children, family, bills,self, life…God(force,space, chi or what/who ever you believe in). At some point, if not all our lives, we are running or being chased by something we may or may not know. The decision is always almost taken from our hands. We put ourselves in this box called life and everyday, we run when propelled by seen or unseen forces.

I feel old. I feel tired. I shouldn’t feel old. I shouldn’t feel tired. I’m in my 20s and I feel 80. Lagos does that to you. Early morning traffic manages to spoil your mood before your day begins. Urrgh! Someone said “Syn, you need mind-blowing sex. An orgasm or two.” and I said “Sex is too expensive for me to afford, now”. I do not know how she took my answer but she knew I was not talking about money.

It’s Thursday and I am in a Danfo heading to work. Although I love what I am doing, my hands are tied because I need to feed. But then, rich or poor, gainfully employed, busy or not, aren’t all our hands tied too?

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